Alvaro J Soltero

TBD Roster: Alvaro J Soltero

Journal Entries

Alvaro J Soltero


Guaynabo, Puerto Rico

First Year Racing


First Year Racing in NYC


Rider Type

Climber that refuses to give up other disciplines

Favorite Event

GMSR - No other stage race in the NE compares to it. The difficulty, production value, and level of rider is excellent. And A+ team hangs between stages.

Favorite Ride

Malibu canyons in Los Angeles

2019 Events

Quabbin, Bear, Killington, GMSR. / Want to try out a few gravel events for the funs.

Drinks of Choice

  • Mid-ride: Soy flat white all day every day – best enjoyed with donut(s)

  • Post-ride: Any light beer – paired with a non-light pizza.