Austin King

TBD Roster: Austin King

Journal Entries

Austin King


Idaho Falls, ID

First Year Racing


First Year Racing in NYC


Rider Type

Crit/circuit race/anything that's not a TT 😅

Favorite Race

Green Mountain Stage Race - but really the Burlington Criterium (stage 4). Racing through downtown Burlington around six fast corners against tough competition from all over the region - does it get any better than that?

Favorite Ride

Having grown up near the Teton Mountains, I'm a skier at heart. So I love a good descent, even if I have to climb up it first. In the NYC area, Bear Mountain has the best downhill (and uphill).

2019 goal

Looking forward to the Bear Mountain Classic, the Harlem Crit, the series at Floyd Bennett Field, Green Mountain Stage Race, Rasputitsa.... and my cat 5 cyclocross debut!

Drinks of Choice

  • Pre-ride: Straight black coffee, no BS

  • Post-ride: An ice cold bottle of strawberry Soylent 😎