Chris Burati

TBD Roster: Chris Burati

Journal Entries

Chris Burati


East Longmeadow, Massachusetts

First Year Racing


First Year Racing in NYC


Rider Type

Crits and rolling road racer

Favorite Event

Intelligentsia Cup - 9 days of fast, technical crit racing with great community support, production, and coffee. What's not to love?!

Favorite Ride

Anything bikepacking related - favorites have included Portland, Maine to New York City; Portland, Oregon to the coast and back; and a 900 mile epic across Japan

2019 Events

I really want to do Tulsa Tough. Like really really want to do it. Otherwise, Intelligentsia Cup and potentially Gateway Cup. Hopefully a gravel road bikepacking brewery tour in some craft beer-heavy state.

Drinks of Choice

  • Mid-ride: The 9W Filling Station because I rarely like riding further unless I'm doing something epic...

  • Post-ride: Still coffee (or a beer if ending at a brewery, duh)