Clay Parker Jones

TBD Roster: Clay Parker Jones

Journal Entries

Clay Parker Jones


Arcata, California

First Year Racing


First Year Racing in NYC


Rider Type

I thought I was a rouleur, but I'm a sprinter

Favorite Event

Intelli. 10 days of racing, back to back, in the heat, with friends – unbeatable.

Favorite Ride

Riding from Venice to Lake Como (yes, with Rapha Travel, RIP) was the most memorable, best riding I'd ever done. I was going through some life stuff at the time, and the terrain kept me sane. Duran, Stelvio, Gavia, Mortirolo – holy crap. That is good bikes.

2019 Events

Intelli, Tour of the Unknown Coast, Nittany, Noho, Rainey

Drinks of Choice

  • Mid-ride: Espresso

  • Post-ride: Anything Emily hands me right when I walk in the door