Corey Morenz

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Corey Morenz


Thomaston, CT

First Year Racing


First Year Racing in NYC


Rider Type


Favorite Race

Current: Intelligentsia Cup - This was my re-introduction to "Big" out of town races after not taking part in any for a couple years. The race was incredibly well organized and fun - from the atmosphere to the high caliber of racing to the team hangs. Don't even get me started on the beer tent and block parties...

Former: Tour of the Battenkill - Visualizing this race got me through my first few seasons of indoor winter training. The race required mastery of so many different elements - bike handling, climbing, dirt descents, a fast finish.. My first time racing it I rode a neutral support bike to 4th place after snapping a derailleur cable during warmup and it remains one of my best bike racing memories.

Favorite Ride

Storm King Highway outside of West Point, NY has to take the cake. The way the road is carved into the mountain paired with the incredible views of the Hudson is breathtaking.

2019 goal

Park races and FUN, while targeting a return trip to Intelligentsia cup.

Drinks of Choice

  • Mid-ride: Small black coffee. But I'm really more of a doughnut guy.

  • Post-ride: Protein Shake (The real stuff, not some weird vegan brand)