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Racing Hurricane Sandy

As New York cyclists we experience cycling across multiple seasons. At this point of year, as fall gives way to winter our riding assumes an increasingly steady rhythm. Gone are the long drives to races across the Northeast, the max effort intervals and the suffering of racing bikes - replaced instead with long, consistent base miles with teammates.

Against this backdrop weekend rides can take on a certain a form of monotony - the usual trip across the GWB, through River Road (perhaps with a few reps up Alpine) and then out to Inland Hills and beyond.

However before winter hits in its full might and the reality of riding bikes in New York City shifts to long miles in the bitter cold we've been enjoying the Rides of the Falling Leaves - watching the leaves turn from green to orange and vibrant reds.

This has led to some sensational riding in recent weeks - riding that reached its crescendo this Sunday as Team Sixcycle-RK&O set out across the GWB, racing Hurricane Sandy to get in some riding ahead of the rain.

Across the GWB River Road had a show in store that was nothing short of spectacular... ...right up until the Alpine Police Department officially closed the park and gave the squad the boot.

Racing Hurricane Sandy Pictures

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