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Call it an Obsession: Mountain Biking in San Francisco

In recent weeks Team Sixcycle-RK&O's Corey Morenz has managed to mountain bike on both the East and West coasts. His report on Mountain Biking in Minnewaska State Park (also known as the 'Gunks) is posted here. Now Corey weighs in on his riding on the opposite coast during a trip to San Francisco.

Call it an Obsession: Mountain Biking in San Fransisco by Team Sixcycle-RK&O's Corey Morenz

There is no doubt about it, I'm obsessive about workouts. Whether its cycling or the gym, I go (far) out of my way to make sure I don't miss workouts. This occasionally gets me into trouble (leaving your driver's license at a gym and not realizing it until you are at the airport - no bueno) but always ends up being worth it. On a recent trip to northern California I already had my game plan figured out: sign up for weeklong "guest pass" at a local gym (since hotels gyms are rarely / never adequate) and hit the the trails for a day with Jeffrey Alpert, Kristen Burrall and CJ (all of Wafels and Dinges). Things were off to a rough start on Saturday morning as I was turned away from the first 24 hour fitness I stopped at due to a manager not being on duty. Pretty sure the woman working the counter was the rudest person I've ever encountered in California. I had better luck later in the day at a different location and I was able to get my speed strength workout in - Single leg box jumps, power cleans, dynamic box squats, single leg squats and some abs and bench thrown in for good measure. It meant skipping dim sum in Chinatown, but at least protein shakes were on sale at the Safeway downstairs for $1.

Sunday was a recovery day - which meant beer, burritos and watching the Giants crush the 49ers at Candlestick Stadium. Go NY!

Back at it again on Monday, driving out to Marin County for some riding with the W&D crew. After getting set up on a sweet 29er rig from Fairfax Cyclery we explored the trails of Lake Tamarancho. Sun drenched California single track for miles and miles. All the trails were excellently maintained by the local boy scouts - and we got to ride them for only $5. The single track flowed through forests, over naked hilltops, red soil trails and rock gardens. Awesome banked switchbacks abounded and made for some really fun climbing and descending. Did I just mention fun and climbing in the same sentence? Maybe I found my true calling. Despite my subpar skills and rolling off a ledge into some briars at one point I had a fantastic time. The shop owner recommended a local spot across the street serving up burgers, shakes and perfectly fried onion rings.

Tuesday I found time for one last workout before a couple days of "rest" (aka wine tasting). There was a 24 hour fitness location in Santa Rosa within jogging distance of our hotel (you read that correctly). Today's workout was focused on muscular strength - heavy squats, RDLs, barbell step ups, good mornings, and more abs, pressing and benching (again - just for good measure Matt Richards).

Feel the burn baby. Now this is vacation.

Mountain Biking in San Francisco Pictures

Mountain Biking San Francisco

Mountain Biking San Francisco

Mountain Biking San Francisco

Mountain Biking San Francisco

Mountain Biking San Francisco