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Louisville 2013

Witnessing the CX World Championships on US soil was quite possibly a once in a lifetime experience - an experience that is impossible to distill into a few taut paragraphs worthy of online consumption. Instead there are moments in time that stand out from that frantic weekend in Kentucky. Meeting the ATX half of Grimpeur Bros for the first time over a cup of some of their delicious brew.  Watching the start of the Women's race and wondering where the f is Katie Compton, only to have Katie F'ing Compton come charging through the pack amidst the cheers of raucous American fans. Getting tutored in the art of European cyclocross by our own resident Belgian, Bike Doctor NYC. The view - perched high in a tree with a camera in one hand and a beer in another - as the snow began to fall during the opening laps of the Men's race. The infamous LV Foam Party, BBQ from Doc Crows, bourbon with friends and teammates, putting faces to any number of twitter handles, breakfast at Hillbilly Tea, talking hats with Gary Rothera, attempting to sneak my way into some UCI photo credentials and just generally Getting Lucky in Kentucky. And at the end of it all I limped my way on to a plane on Sunday eve with no voice, these memories and a few pictures...

Louisville 2013 Photo Gallery from Photo Rhetoric

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