Sunday Morning Schedule

New York City bike racing is a unique beast - defined in part by pre-6AM race starts. However when you have a role in race organization these early mornings become even earlier mornings. As CRCA's Director of Open Racing, Team Sixcycle-RK&O's Matthew Vandivort had just such a role at this weekend's Lou Maltese Memorial, where he also got in the winning break, taking home a third place finish behind the hard work of the entire Team Sixcycle-RK&O squad. Presented without comment, his Sunday morning schedule:

  • 3:15AM - alarm
  • 3:30AM - Grimpeur Bros coffee, oatmeal
  • 4:00AM - leave for Central Park
  • 4:15AM - meet race staff and begin setting up registration
  • 4:45AM - registration opens
  • 5:00AM - meet with race officials
  • 5:35AM - close registration
  • 5:40AM - rush to start line
  • 5:45AM - start racing
  • 5:52AM - bridge off the front to a break up the road, begin suffering
  • 7:33AM - finish suffering as break finishes race off the front, take third place
  • 7:45AM - last field finishes, begin posting results
  • 8:05AM - begin podium presentations
  • 8:35AM - podium presentations done
  • 8:45AM - trade race stories with teammates and fellow riders
  • 9:00AM - finish breaking down the finish line area
  • 9:25AM - begin waiting for USADA testing to finish
  • 10:40AM - testing finished, leave Central Park
  • 10:55AM - arrive home, send out race communications, eat and nap

Lou Maltese Memorial Photos By Tone B


Lou Maltese Memorial Photos by Yehudah Perlowitz



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