NYC - Hamptons

With unseasonably warm weather predicted for the weekend, Team Sixcycle-RK&O's Charlie Bird and Matthew Vandivort decided to take advantage of the conditions and ride from New York City to the Hamptons, a journey of some 120 miles that also included an unexpected 7,000 ft of climbing and a consistent 20 mile per hour headwind. Pictures from their seven plus hour journey, courtesy of Photo Rhetoric, follow below. Photo-Rhetoric-Hamptons-Ride-400 Photo-Rhetoric-Hamptons-Ride-401 Photo-Rhetoric-Hamptons-Ride-402 Photo-Rhetoric-Hamptons-Ride-404 Photo-Rhetoric-Hamptons-Ride-406 Photo-Rhetoric-Hamptons-Ride-407 Photo-Rhetoric-Hamptons-Ride-409 Photo-Rhetoric-Hamptons-Ride-410 Photo-Rhetoric-Hamptons-Ride-412 Photo-Rhetoric-Hamptons-Ride-413 Photo-Rhetoric-Hamptons-Ride-416 Photo-Rhetoric-Hamptons-Ride-418 Photo-Rhetoric-Hamptons-Ride-421 Photo-Rhetoric-Hamptons-Ride-424 Photo-Rhetoric-Hamptons-Ride-425