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Louis Garneau Custom Kit: Part I, Fit Kit

While we may still very much be in base mileage mode, the 2014 season is rapidly approaching and with that approach it is time for the annual kit order, a process that begins with fit kit. With an array of new products under consideration, our fit kit recently arrived in one giant box, just ahead of our scheduled fit kit night. [box type="shadow" align="aligncenter" ]We have written extensively about Louis Garneau's custom cycling apparel program. For our thoughts on the full range of Louis Garneau custom kit, see our prior reviews:

In addition to providing a great opportunity to get the entire team together with a couple of six packs, this also gives the team an opportunity to test the fit and function of the various pieces of kit that we will be wearing in 2014.

We're very excited to know during the coming season we will be kitted out in some of Louis Garneau's newest products - and we'll be writing about those products extensively once we have the opportunity to put some miles down in them.

In the interim we continue to work closely with Louis Garneau's custom apparel staff to select which jerseys and other items we will be using - with a wide selection of jerseys at a range of price points it's great to have so many options.

Stay tuned for much more on Louis Garneau custom cycling apparel as we continue to work our way through the ordering process.

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