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NBX Gran Prix of Cyclocross

When racing cyclocross, there is only one important component: GET RAD. The NBX Gran Prix of Cyclocross is one of the most dynamic courses that any racer could hope for.

It consists of everything from serious dirt sections, grassy straight aways, beach runs, pavement descents, and my favorite - a fly over. It also happens to be the Rhode Island State Championship.

After showing up with my single speed, that had the gearing for a hillier course, and starting in Party Row (that's race slang for the VERY LAST ROW), there was but one goal to accomplish: 20 vertical feet of hang time.

Now, I am not entirely sure why Garmin or other computer companies haven't come up with a way to monitor hang time, but that leaves me to come up with my own formula:

20' Total Hangtime = 1xAirtime(6")(40 rad moments)/fatigue.

What that means, is I had to get air 50 times…

NOW I am proud to tell you that I not only got rad 50 times, but got to travel with Donnie Clarke & Wilis Johnson on King Kog's CX Team, Roger Parmelee of Team Sixcycle-RK&O, and Colin Tanner of Hudson Cycling CX Team (and Team Sixcycle-RK&O come the road season).

Unfortunately, I am not this years Rhode Island State Champion BUT can tell you that another successful year of cyclocross has come and gone.

Thank you to everybody for making this such a great season!

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