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Misery Index 11

Being a cyclist in New York City sometimes means rolling the dice when the weather calls for 30 degrees with a 30% chance of precipitation. Sometimes that gamble turns out ok, resulting in an incredible ride. Today was not one of those days.

Selected quotes from the ride:

You know that moment, when we paused on the bridge and saw those ominous clouds? Yeah....

The snow I didn't mind. The sleet stung my face, but I could manage. It was the freezing rain followed by snow that made me beg for mercy.

After the rain turned back to snow my drivetrain froze. But I couldn't feel my fingers to shift anyway

The pictures hardly do justice to the conditions on the bike - the mix of rain, sleet and snow could not have been much worse, forcing us to seek shelter, hot coffee and additional layers of kit from Louis Garneau (knickers was a bad choice for the conditions).

Amazingly, after an hour of snowfall the weather relented, the icy mix on the roads melted away and ultimately the last hour of the ride even featured a bit of sunshine.

The longest five hour day on the bike ever? Perhaps.

Attire choice: Rain jacket, Louis Garneau Speedzone Vest, Sotchi GlovesSupershield Gloves, Wind Leg Warmers (added mid ride), Thermal Extreme Shoe Covers and Tuque