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Garneau Dream Factory Frames

We previously wrote about the Louis Garneau Dream Factory process and LG's ability  to build you the custom painted bike of your dreams. Now with the 2014 race season about to get underway we're proud to present the final product from our work with the Dream Factory: the 2014 Team Sixcycle-RK&O Louis Garneau Gennix R1 team frames, in three different Dream Factory paint schemes. The finish quality of the frames is absolutely impeccable and we cannot wait to start putting in race miles on these beauties. Stay tuned for a full review once we've had the opportunity to put the bikes through their paces.


When Louis Garneau first reached out to see if we were interested in riding there Gennix R1 we were pretty excited to have the opportunity to work even further with LG. But when they told us that they wanted to do custom bikes at their Dream Factory I was super pumped. As a designer by trade my mind started going crazy with all the possibilities.

Once I got on the website I was like a kid in a candy store. In my head I thought I knew what I wanted to do, so that initial idea was the easy part... but with so many incredible options I also ended up designing about 20 different color ways, which were combined with another 30+ ideas from the rest of the team as we debated all of the different avenues we could pursue.

The number of designs we considered just reflected how easy it is to explore the Dream Factory and the range of options the Dream Factory provides. And the whole interface is great, in a lot of ways just like using the Nike ID site to design a custom pair of sneakers. You get on it and just start trying all sorts of color combos.

In the end we finally settled on three color schemes directly derived from our team kit - and it was incredible to receive the frames in the mail six or seven weeks later. The paint just came out even better than my highest expectations. We're so incredibly excited to be riding these Dream Factory frames this year.