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Louis Garneau Course Helmet Review

We have previously written about our Louis Garneau Dream Factory Frames as well as our 2014 Louis Garneau Custom Kit Selection. Now we're pleased to present the first section of what will be a multi-part review of our 2014 Louis Garneau Custom Kit: a Louis Garneau Course Helmet Review by Team Sixcycle-RK&O's own Richard Scudney. The helmet, and its impressive aerodynamic performance (#aerodoesnthavetobeugly), have been detailed extensively elsewhere, so here we focus on the fit and feel of the helmet - and why we think its the best all around helmet on the market today.

For comparison, here is our review of the Louis Garneau Diamond helmet that we raced in during the 2012 and 2013 seasons: Louis Garneau Diamond Helmet Review. If you have any questions on our Louis Garneau Course Helmet review drop us a line on twitter: @teamsixcycle.

Louis Garneau Course Helmet Review by Team Sixcycle-RK&O's Richard Scudney

A bicycle helmet should disappear on your head. It should be a part of you while keeping your head cool for those max all out efforts or those long daunting climbs. It should give you an aero advantage over other helmets.

The LG Course Helmet does a wonderful job at combining all of these things into one awesome helmet.

When I first tried on the LG Course Helmet I was shocked at how light the helmet was. I have medium which weighs about 294g. When I first put it on I expected it to feel much heavier, but instead I was amazed at how light and evenly distributed it feels on my head.

The X-Static pads inside the helmet, which reduce odor, feel comfortable and not intrusive. The helmet straps are easily adjustable with small cam-lock dividers on both sides and the straps themselves are very soft.

I am also able to adjust the retention mechanism height and angle so that the back of the helmet huggs a bit lower on the back of my head. LG's Spiderlock 2 system wheel adjuster is super easy to tighten or loosen at a moments notice. I am ecstatic at how customizable the fit is. It's like the helmet was designed specifically for my head.

At one point I did notice the chin straps coming loose, but they are a cinch to tighten and I didn't notice them coming loose again. The helmet comes with an extra Xstatic pad you can swap out in case you need it.

It also comes with the Spider LockVision Light (which you may have seen at various nightime crits), with 3 different settings, that fits onto the back of the helmet - it is perfect for the early morning commute to local races, which in New York City can start as early as 5:30AM.

As for the all important sunglasses test: the LG Course Helmet also has two vents on the sides that are great for sunglasses. Both my Oakleys and Tifosis fit snug and secure.

For me, the most significant thing about the Course Helmet is how airy and well ventilated it feels. While racing the air flows through the helmet and keeps my noggin from over heating. Even on long climbs I didn't feel like my head was suffocating and on long windy courses the helmet seemed to offer less resistance in the wind. In the drops I noticed more wind resistance hitting my shoulders than hitting the helmet, even when in cross winds.

The LG Course helmet also looks fantastic. We were able to customize it, using LG's Dream Factory, to match our bikes and kits. We even had our team name decaled on the sides. Way cool.

As the pictures highlight, the Louis Garneau Course helmet doesn't have the bulbous or bongo look that many aero helmets have. I have used other aero helmets and they make my head feel like a baked potato. I even had one that made me look like I was a fighter pilot from Star Wars, which is both cool and not cool depending, depending on whether you're going for the Luke Skywalker look.

I am extremely happy with the LG Course Helmet. It combines all the features I have loved in many past helmets into one helmet. If you are looking for a well ventilated aero helmet I would highly recommend the LG Course Helmet.

Louis Garneau Course Helmet Review


Louis Garneau Course Helmet Review


Louis Garneau Course Helmet Review


Louis Garneau Course Helmet Review


Louis Garneau Course Helmet Review


Louis Garneau Course Helmet Review