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Team Health Warrior p/b RK&O Announces 2015 Title Sponsor

Team Sixcycle is pleased to announce that Health Warrior will be the team's exclusive title sponsor for the 2015 season. Separately RK&O, one of the team's founding co-title sponsors, will become the team's official presenting sponsor, as the team is officially becomes Team Health Warrior presented by RK&O. As part of this rebranding we are proud to launch the new home of Team Health Warrior p/b RK&O at www.teamhealthwarrior.com. As an existing partner, throughout the 2014 season Health Warrior’s chia bars were a constant source of energy before, during, and after training and races as the team utilized their 100 calorie chia based bars for a perfect boost of energy when it was most needed. In 2015, we are pleased to have the opportunity to work more extensively with Health Warrior to spread the benefits of chia throughout the cycling community - if you see us on the road or at a race come say hello - we'll be distributing samples of Health Warrior product where possible throughout the season.

We're also pleased to announce that we'll be working with Health Warrior to have a presence at the 2015 UCI World Championships that will be hosted in Health Warrior's hometown of Richmond, Virginia. Stay tuned for more on this and additional Health Warrior related news via our revamped website or our rebranded social media presence as we ramp up to the 2015 road season.

For more information on Team Health Warrior p/b RK&O, visit www.teamhealthwarrior.com, or follow Team Health Warrior p/b RK&O on Instagram (@teamhealthwarrior).

ABOUT HEALTH WARRIOR Five centuries after the Aztec Warriors built an empire on the power of Chia, Health Warrior’s founders learned about the benefits of Chia while reading the best-selling book Born to Run, about the Tarahumara Indians and their jaw-dropping long-distance runs. The Tarahumara, like the Aztecs before them, are Powered by Chia. With a little more research and testing - Health Warrior was born. Health Warrior specializes in both their Chia Super Food Snacks and premium black or white loose chia seeds. Chia Super Food Snacks - The Chia Super Food Snack comes in 8 flavors. Each bar is 100-110 calories and is packed with 1100mg of Omega-3, 3g of protein, and 4g of fiber. Each bar is 100% vegan and gluten free. White or Black Chia Seeds - The base of the Super Food Snacks loose seeds are a prefect super food addition to any salad, drink, smoothie, or cereal. To learn more, visit www.healthwarrior.com or follow Health Warrior on Instagram (@Health_Warrior) or Twitter (@Health_Warrior).

ABOUT TEAM SIXCYCLE Team Sixcycle was founded in 2011 and has been part of the New York City cycling community ever since. The team is part of the Century Road Club Association (CRCA), one of the oldest and largest cycling organizations in the United States, with Team Sixcycle racers serving on the CRCA Board in every year since the team was founded. While the team's core focus is on racing, charity is a close second with more than $20,000 raised for charitable causes in the team's first three years. In 2015 the team will once again support the Tour of the Litchfield Hills and ERRACE. For more information on Team Sixcycle please visit: http://teamhealthwarrior.com/about/

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