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To Be Determined is a journal of cycling, adventure and photography, curated by a NYC-based cycling team known as TBD Racing or Team TBD. From criteriums to cyclocross to product reviews and travel diaries, it is all part of the TBD Journal.

Race, Coffee, Nap


As sunrise inches its way earlier and earlier, the CRCA Race Series in Central Park follows in the same direction as start times are approaching 6AM and only getting earlier as the season progresses. With alarm clocks set as early as 4AM, we arrived in the Park in darkness, leaving a few hours later under a warm spring sun with two top tens in the books and some additional ground to cover before the traditional post race coffee stop. That said with ideal weather conditions, eighty plus miles in our legs and a pre-noon nap in the cards... it all adds up to a perfect Saturday morning on the bike.

Photo Rhetoric - CRCA 418-1002Photo Rhetoric - CRCA 418-1004Photo Rhetoric - CRCA 418-1003Photo Rhetoric - CRCA 418-1006Photo Rhetoric - CRCA 418-1008Photo Rhetoric - CRCA 418-1007