Orchard Beach Crit Race Report

Orchard Beach Crit Race Report

Orchard beach, I describe this race to most of my friends, co-workers and family members as a race that most resembles, NASCAR. A nice fairly wide oval short track. Two turns, and one swooping corner. The sprint is over in a blink of an eye, this makes orchard beach fun and unique. Our race would start as the clouds would start to break up and there would be intermittent sunshine. It felt pretty good to be racing and not having to wear leg or arm warmers (and not have to travel below the mason dixon). A steady pace, and an early break kept the field at decent pace. I worked with my fellow teammates to hold back the field. Who at first seemed content with letting the break dangle like a carrot tied in front of a rabbit. This pattern would repeat itself a few times throughout the race, without anything sticking. The last break which we marked as a threat was drawn back with the guidance of our three resident diesel engines: Matt Vandivort, Roger Parmalee, and Andrew Walsh.

With the lap counter dangling at 3 laps to go, I knew it was time to start trying to positioning myself, I found my teammate Matt Vandivort with one lap to go, and he strung the field out like it was laundry day in the city.After following two riders into the last swooping corner, I continued to gain on both of the riders, I eventually passed the one of two riders exiting the corner. At this moment I had my sights set on the last target, and in what I would like to think a top gun scene where the missile was locked and loaded (*queue the music*). I hit the button, and went straight to the danger zone.

After spending a week down south racing by myself, It was a complete honor and pleasure to return to New York City and race with my teammates by my side. What a great crew, I won Orchard Beach through the hard work of every single teammate that raced with me. This is our win, and I cant wait to keep the good vibes and fun times rolling for the rest of the season.

Pictures via Century Road Club Association on Facebook


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