Louis Garneau Team Shield Review

With the road season drawing to a close, thoughts and passing comments are shifting towards readying for the approaching fall. The bag that contains my many winter garments, cycling ones far outnumbering civilian ones, is sneakily making its way to the front of cupboard. There’s no denying it, fall is just around the corner. Being from the UK I’m no stranger to racing and riding in horrid conditions. I’ve had a plethora of winter clothes over the years.

Louis Garneau Team Shield Review

While it’s not too bad layering up for a training ride, the decision on garment choice becomes even more critical for a race in bad conditions… What if I’m too cold and loose energy? What if I overheat and cramp? Then comes the annoying dilemma of wanting to have your team kit on show so layering has to happen under a summer jersey, plus a gilet/wind vest on top. But sometimes even this isn’t enough. LG have come to the game with a clever solution that solves all of my problems – the Louis Garneau Team Shield Jersey.

Here’s why I like the jersey so much.

As a racer you always want to look your part and have individual garments that match, basically to emulate the pros! However this becomes a bit trickier when the weather turns nasty and kit choice becomes a fine art in order to maintain comfort on the bike. The Shield jersey is excellent in this aspect because it looks exactly like a regular race jersey – it has all the same color ways, all the same sponsors and team logos. The fit is a racey cut so when you’re on the drops it doesn’t feel restrictive or cut underneath your belly. The material is a Roubaix type so it has a fluffy soft feeling material on the inside which feels great and comforting to put on. The outer is a windproof type material that’s still stretchy enough to be comfy but thick enough that it keeps the wind out and warmth in. Through material technology that is beyond comprehension its nice and breathable too. The Shield is designed to be worn over your regular summer jersey and has a neat cut away opening where the rear pockets are which allow you to reach your summer jersey pockets and have you race number on show. Having this cut away allows you to reach the pockets easier, rather than having to arch your arm further back - your nutritional goodies (Chia bars!) are closer to your body. Plus in the eventuality that you do get too hot, you can whip the Shield off and still have all your nutrition and race number will be on show.

What the team thinks:

‘The cut away back pocket area makes it more of a race cut and less bulky. Plus I don’t have to worry about ditching the jersey half way through a race because all my bars will still be in my summer jersey pockets.’ -Roger Parmelee

‘Kept my core temp nice and consistent for Grants. Anything longer on the arms would have been too hot. Perfect for racing in the cold and wet.’ -Greg Addo

Louis Garneau Team Shield Fabrics

  •         Polartec® Power Shield® Pro: Windproof, breathable, DWR
  •         Super Lite Dry: Water repellent and windbreaking
  •         HeatMaxx: Stretchability and thermoregulation
  •         Gladiator Grip: Maintains fit

Louis Garneau Team Shield Features

  •         Full length zip with reflective accents
  •         Inner flap: Increases protection against the wind
  •         Zip garage: Prevents neck irritation
  •         Cycling-specific collar: Stretchable section at the back of the neck that allows freedom of movement without creating pressure when in cycling position
  •         Pre-shaped shoulders: Enhance comfort in cycling position
  •         Overlock seams: Enhanced aerodynamics and great stretchability
  •         3 angled back pockets with reflective trim: Allow easy access
  •         Multimedia pocket: Allows for headphone wires to be channeled inside the garment
  •         Enviro pocket: Allows to separately store empty gel pouches to eliminate littering
  •         Signature silicone gripper at hem
  •         Super Lite Dry extension at hem: Deploys to offer additional protection at the lower back when in cycling position
  •         Gladiator grip at hem: Maintains fit without the bulkiness caused by an elastic
  •         Front and back reflective accents

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