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To Be Determined is a journal of cycling, adventure and photography, curated by a NYC-based cycling team known as TBD Racing or Team TBD. From criteriums to cyclocross to product reviews and travel diaries, it is all part of the TBD Journal.

The Best of 2015

As 2015 rapidly approaches its conclusion and we begin preparations for another season of racing, we take a quick look back at our most memorable rides and races from 2015 via a full year of posts in the To Be Determined Journal,

This is just a small sampling of the past twelve months in action, stay tuned for much more from the squad in the new year. Happy holidays!

Gateway Cup 2015

Looking back at a year where the team traveled from California to Italy, Saint Louis' Gateway Cup gets the nod as our favorite ride of the season. Between the 30 hour round-trip drive (memorialized as #999MilesToGateway), four days of fast paced crit racing, an excess of good times off the bike and of course Mat Street's big win on the bike, it doesn't get much better than this. 

A Week in the Mountains (and Plains) of Italy

In a year that featured multiple excursions to Europe including Corey enduring challenging weather conditions while Bike Touring in Spain, it's a week in the mountains of Italy that rounds out the podium for our favorite rides of calendar year 2015. Rather than attempt to summarize the climbs, the food and the vino we'll let the photographs document a very memorable week on the bike.

Biking from NYC to Philly for a Bike Race and a Cheesesteak

We're not entirely sure where the idea that became #willbikeforcheesesteak started. But somehow in June a portion of the crew found themselves awake before 4AM for the long-ride to Philly, all to take in the Philly Classic race and enjoy some cheesesteaks. The ride was certainly memorable, but the party-like atmosphere throughout the day at the race was the highlight of one of the best rides of 2015.

Photo Rhetoric Bike for Cheesesteak-2011
Photo Rhetoric Bike for Cheesesteak-2011

Building the Bike of Our Dreams

The start of the season is an exciting time, in no small part due to the arrival of a set of beautiful Garneau R1 bicycles, straight from the Garneau Dream Factory. As the official race bike for Team Health Warrior (at least until the Garneau A1 Aero frame arrives), Greg documented the build experience with the most appropriate soundtrack possible.

Exploring Fall Foliage

As usual New York didn't disappoint when #FoliageBro season arrived. Taking full advantage of the offseason the team enjoyed plenty of rides in search of that perfect fall color, including a memorable #DamSearch and a weekend on the Dirt Roads of Westchester. However our top pick for fall foliage has to be a special day spent getting lost in and around Harriman State Park as part of the Wandering Until (Mostly) Lost photo series.

An Interview with our own Richard Scudney

The Green Mountain Stage Race is a mainstay for the more vertically inclined riders from the squad. For the 2015 edition the team sent several riders north to the mountains of Vermont, grabbing several great results in the process, including a podium for Richard, aka Scuds. A few weeks after the stage race Scuds sat down and collected his thoughts on the race, the weekend and training for one of the toughest events on the East Coast.

Wednesday Night with Jeremy Powers

It's not every day that your weekday sports practice is joined by the a national champion in the stars and stripes jersey. However in one of the more memorable weekdays of 2015 Jeremy Powers joined Wednesday Night cross practice in New York City for a bit of technique, a few hot laps and more than a few cookies

Photo Rhetoric - Cross Practice JPow-1070
Photo Rhetoric - Cross Practice JPow-1070

Demoing the Garneau Steeple-X in New York City

With a plethora of early season snow, we spent more time than we'd like to admit on the trainer in January and February. Thankfully we got a bit of respite when Garneau sent us one of their brand new Steeple-X cyclocross bikes, presenting the perfect opportunity for Mat to show off some of his bike handling talents.