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the new Rapha Cycle Club

For the past few months there's been a huge hole in my "long-ride" routine -- that's a stop on the way home at Rapha along the West Side Highway to grab a egg and cheese sandwich and a coffee.

Fortunately I was able to fill that hole this morning and drop by their brand-new SoHo location on Prince Street off West Broadway. The new location meshes just as well with my long-ride routine, as I tend to take the Manhattan Bridge to Chrystie St and then cut across the island on Prince St.

I'll let the photos speak for themselves, but the new location offers a ton of updated amenities and looks great. There is original, WCS stripe inspired artwork from Greg Bogen, vintage posters from local races including Somerville and T-Town and the same old ephemera-filled shadow boxes that double as tables in the cafe. My favorite feature is the outdoor patio with a projector, I think it will be great for cooling off in the summer months."

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