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February in NYC is hard

February in New York City is hard. Despite the warmer than usual temperatures this winter, the reduced hours of sunshine always gets to me.

So it was without hesitation that Meghan (CityMD Women's Racing) and I got ourselves organized for a long weekend in the sun. And while this is my sixth year in a row heading out to Cali, the reasonably priced flights (bikes fly for $50 on JetBlue and Virgin America) coupled with the more than likely good weather and fantastic roads can’t be easily beaten.

It also helps that a large number of NYC cyclists migrate out West for the winter. So no matter when you visit Southern California in February, you’re guaranteed to run into your friends and acquaintances who are out riding bikes.

This year was no different and the CRCA was well represented with riders from To Be Determined (myself, plus Roger Parmelee and Corey Morenz), CityMD Women’s Team, The Weather Channel, FGX, Rockstar Racing, Wyld Stallyns, NYC Velo and others.

Below is a compilation of some of our favorite routes and the best pictures from the long weekend…