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Grant's Tomb 2015

The CRCA Grant's Tomb Criterium is both the first big race of the season and one of just two races left in NYC that takes place on city streets. As such the race plays a special role for the NYC cycling community.

A special role that continues despite at times horrific early season weather - in recent years there was one edition that took place in what was almost certainly a hurricane and another frozen year that was perhaps the most frigid day I have ever experienced on the bike.

Then there was last year where temperatures hovered for much of the day in the thirties with pouring rain. It was miserable. For racers, volunteers, staff. But on the plus side it generated some memorable imagery, including these shots from the afternoon races.

Here's looking forward to this weekend's edition of the CRCA Grant's Tomb Crit (and the forecasted high of sixty one degrees).