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CRCA Race Clinic Info Session

Mat Street and I took place in a new racer orientation on this past Tuesday at the new Rapha Cycle Club along with a few other racers and coaches including Natalie Tapias and Jaime Soper of Velo Classic/Stans, Emma Frame of Radical Media and CRCA coach Tara Parsons.

The event was mostly geared towards participants of this weekend's upcoming "race clinic" that took place this past weekend during one of the traditional CRCA races.

We covered some of the more confusing administrative issues like registering with USAC and CRCA as well as the types of racing like crits, road races and stage races. We also spoke about the kind of equipment required for the race like drop bars, foot retention, a helmet and a jersey with sleeves. Natalie gave a bit of information about training and proper nutrition during the races. Afterwards we had a casual Q&A session about racing.

If you're thinking about giving racing a go, there's still a full season of racing left and CRCA is a great way to start racing! Give it a shot and if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!