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Sprinting, sprinting some more and then sprinting again

If you're going to complete a century before noon in New York City a CRCA Race in Central Park isn't a bad way to start. Fair warning though: when that race happens to be an 8.7 lap points race it's unlikely to be the easiest way to start your day.

When the lap times for that race look something like this it's actually going to hurt quite a bit. Certainly that was the case today as the squad showed up in force for a few loops of the park starting at the crack of dawn.

Perhaps inspired by one of the first warm days of racing in the park of the year the field was feeling feisty, keeping the pace high throughout with only a brief neutralization inspired time out on lap six. Otherwise it was more or less full gas the entire race.

Roger mixed it up in a few of the sprints and the squad was active on the front but some bad luck on the last lap put Roger on the ground and most of the team out of the finale - otherwise the race was a blur of attacks and counterattacks with many watts spread throughout.

With Rog unscathed from his tumble it was a great day of racing before tacking on another 50 or so miles across the bridge in search of breakfast. Specifically the breakfast of champions: bacon egg and cheese sandwiches, chocolate chip cookies and coffee.

All in all not a bad way to spend the morning.