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Velogames Rest Day League Update

At the first rest day "Un Deux Trois", managed by Team Health Warrior's own Daghan Perker, has eked out a commanding lead in the Velogames fantasy league. Congratulations to Daghan on winning one of the limited edition THW bottles that he designed for the squad (see the full prize list here). The podium is rounded out by "Team DessertBuzz Powered by Canele" and "Werewolf Bar Mitzvah", closely followed by a number of teams within 100 points of the pair:

Worth noting: unlike a significant chunk of the league "Un Deux Trois" doesn't feature current race leader Chris Froome. So with each day Froome spends in yellow the competition for overall victory (and a sweet pair of Garneau cycling shoes) is likely to get closer, especially if Valverde shifts into more of a domestique role as the Tour plays out.

A special shoutout goes to the teams fighting for a reverse podium, including the very aptly named "I Just Want a Participation Trophy" who is leading "This team is def gonna win" in the lantern rouge competition.