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Gear: Oru Saddle Bag

We are unabashed fans of the OruCase Airport Ninja Bike Bag. Using the OruCase bag we have traveled from Italy to Colombia to Chicago while avoiding ripoff airline oversize bag fees throughout. Now Oru is introducing their second product: a limited run Saddle Bag that, according to OruCase.com is the first saddle bag system to use a ski strap attachment system.

We haven't seen the saddle bag in person but based on the description and our experience with the Airport Ninja bag alone we tossed in an order. Stay tuned for more once we have the chance to put it through it's paces.

Learn more about the Oru Saddle Roll on the OruCase blog: https://orucase.com/blogs/news/on-a-roll

The Orucase Saddle Bag (source: OruCase.com)

The Orucase Saddle Bag (source: OruCase.com)