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TWTW: The Weekend That Was

Let's be honest. For most East Coast cyclocross racers there was only one thing that truly mattered this past weekend: Noho CX.

Taking that perspective to heart most of the TBD squad was in fact up in Northampton racing bicycles, including TBD's Pat Torpey making his first appearance in a New England Elite field where got to play in the World Tour Zone with Cannondale-Drapac-Whatever-Their-New-Team-Name-Is's Joe Dombrowski. Head over to the TBD Journal for the full recap from what was truly one of the best weekends of the entire cyclocross season: Noho CX Top Ten List

And as always if you're interested in professional grade video coverage of the Elite fields your go-to is DirtWireTV. But by now you're probably already subscribed to the Youtube Channel, right? 

What else happened with the TBD squad this weekend? Clay skipped out on Noho CX to try the competition at Sly Fox CX. But after an exhausting season of racing to date and a lot of travel for his day job Saturday was a mixed day at the races, described as follows:

"Choice quote relayed to me, “Did you see the guy in maroon, the big guy from NYC? He sure loves to crash!” Heckled by a racer behind my back mid-race. Raced into 3rd and then crashed my way back into 20th, then sulked my way to 31st."

After a challenging start to the weekend Clay signed off from Saturday's race report by saying "Gonna beat myself up until midnight and try to crush victory tomorrow." And guess what? He did in fact crush on Sunday at Victory Cross with a 7th place finish that he described as follows:

"Reclaimed my (and our) honor racing around the Victory Brewing Company; flat with rough off-cambers."

Clay also sent us this photo from his weekend at the races. Which is, ummm, something:

Elsewhere with the CX season winding down and winter settling it the rest of the squad was spread thin catching some R&R. Though the team's official hair model/bike fitter managed to squeeze in some bike riding of a different variety while in Ireland:

WEDNESDAY Squad 🤙🏻❤️

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Last but not least in the realm of only tangentially related to TBD but still generally kick ass the Tour of Rwanda got underway this past weekend with Team Rwanda, another Garneau supported team, in the leader's jersey:

If you haven't watched Rising from Ashes yet, it's definitely worth checking out. 

There you have it. The Weekend That Was, November 11/12 2017 edition.