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NYC Transit Hierarchy

As we wrote in Everyday Terror there is an unfortunate degree of fear involved in riding a bike in New York City. Yes there are blissful moments but there is also often a lingering terror of distracted drivers, giant tractor trailers on narrow city streets and doors that swing open without warning.

With each of these dangers we are reminded that New York City - the densest city in America - chooses to put single occupancy vehicles (and giant tractor trailers) ahead of the safety of pedestrians and riders. Among other causes this transit failure continues because we have a limousine liberal mayor who drives 12 miles across town in a fleet of SUV's every morning to the gym when one of the nicest athletic facilities in the city is a few blocks from his home (despite living on the UES the First Family also likes to get their dry cleaning done in Brooklyn because it's "grounding").

But every once in awhile these dangerous reminders of where cyclists and pedestrians stand in the New York City transit hierarchy is too unbelievable not to capture in the TBD Daily. When a State Senator who ran over and killed a 74-old woman in 2005, who blocked speed cameras that are proven to save lives and whose vehicle has an atrocious record of speeding and red light violations gets caught driving in a bike lane, impersonating a police officer, driving in opposing traffic lanes AND running red lights that is one of those times. As captured on twitter and summarized on Streetsblog: