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WendWax - Follow Up Review Thoughts

At the beginning of the 2017 Road season, TBD partnered with Wend Wax. If we are honest, before our partnership and going into our initial experiences with Wend Wax we weren’t exactly sure what we were getting into.

We weren’t in love with our collection of various drive-train petroleum-based lubricants - accumulating dirt, need for degreaser systems, uncertainty for wet/dry conditions - but the traditional hot-wax chain applications frankly are too much work and not practical for the kind of miles we put on our bikes; even for the team’s resident skiers who take pride in their respective cross country and alpine wax bags and irons.



So with that stage set, TBD’s Matthew Vandivort put together a prospective review and how-to-apply website post, and we rode into the season Wend Waxed. Initially applying the product and included degreaser was promising. No degreaser mess, clean white chain, no mechanic hands, but first looks can be deceptive.

So we put Wend Wax to the test at some of the messiest road and CX races the East Coast has to offer. And despite all of that punishment after a full road season, cyclo-cross season, and single track excursions in between, we love Wend Wax and look forward to using it through winter training and into the new year.