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Louis Garneau Power Cap 2 Review

With the road season quickly approaching, memories of outdoor riding and equipment other than shoes, bib shorts, and trainer are beginning to resurface.

Unfortunately, the trusty garments that I have come to rely-on are showing the threadbare signs of last year’s crashes and salt from this year’s winter riding.  In replacing a few excessively worn items, the Louis Garneau Power Cap 2 has proved to be one versatile item that easily covers a range of temperature and weather conditions.


Garneau’s Cap 2 provides sufficient coverage and insulation on those arctic days where you just have to get outside, but its the Cap 2’s versatility that makes it a go-to piece of kit throughout the year.

This is for two reasons, 1) the Drytex 4001 material wicks moisture while adequately venting hot air, and 2) the Flatlock seams allow the ear and neck panels to flip-up, essentially turning the Cap 2 into a traditional cycling cap.  I have found this second feature to be extremely useful, and has allowed me to forego other bulkier items of winter kit on those between temperature days i.e. the high 30s low 40s base mile ride where you need to be warm for 4+ hours but not sweat through your bib shorts.

Heading out with the Cap 2 banks those warm gear points, allowing me to forego a neck warmer, extra set of gloves or gilet.   Because if I misjudged and need more clothes, you can just flip down the neck and ear panel, saving jersey pocket real for fuel and tools. 


I have a bigger head in the spectrum of human craniums, not Mongo size from There’s Something About Mary, but a 7 3/8s baseball cap is snug.

Since my brain-bucket is not only radius endowed but is also proportional, many winter caps are not cut low enough to sufficiently cover my ears and neck.  This can be a non-issue for rides above 25 degrees fahrenheit, or can ruin a day outside in temperatures at or below 25 degrees fahrenheit.  

The one-size fits all Power Cap 2 is generously cut so as to adequately cover earlobes and neck.  My one complaint is that the bill is a bit short for adequate sun protection, although it does serve as an adequate visor from water and sweat dripping into eyes or glasses.


  • Drytex 4001: a heavyweight softshell fleece with wind-blocking and moisture-wicking capabilities;

  • Flatlock seams;

  • Front and back reflective accents;

  • Flexible bill; and

  • Ear flaps: flip up or down to regulate temperature on the bike.


Whether its a ride in the arctic where you just need everything covered, or a moderate temperature ride that could get chilly at times, Louis Garneau’s Power Cap 2 has got you covered with a modern take on classic cycling style.