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Lost and Found: Images from Intelligentsia Cup

Our feature on Intelligentsia Cup was one of our most read pieces on the To Be Determined Journal last year. With good reason - it was perhaps our most memorable week on the bike of the entire year and we were excited to be able to retell the story from multiple perspectives.

But as it turns out a few images from the final hours of racing at Intelligentsia were hidden on a memory card only to be discovered six months later. Looking back at them it is hard to describe just how exhausted our East Coast crew was after 9 days of racing in the Midwest heat that #blessed/tortured for much of the week. And we still had the twelve or thirteen hour drive back to New York City ahead of us following a ~7PM departure from Chicago (Burati and I did it in a straight shot that was one of the more exhausting/terrifying car rides I have experienced).

That said as destroyed as our bodies may have been in these images we can't help but look back with a bit of nostalgia at what was a definitively incredible week of racing in the Midwest. Read the full feature entry on the To Be Determined Journal here: INTELLIGENTSIA CUP.

See you this summer Intelligentsia Cup!