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Peer Pressure = Winter Indoor Training Success

Every season that I've had significant improvement in bike racing has been built on a solid base of winter indoor training. My least favorite thing about racing bikes: indoor training. As much as I try to bundle up and brave the elements or escape to the woods, riding indoors is a sad reality all NYC bike racers have to endure. Some people are really good at ticking away the hours in solitude. I am not that person. I need moral support! 

Enter... the group indoor smart trainer workout!

Once a week, the CityMD Women's Racing squad meets up to sweat it out in workouts led by coach Allan Rego at a popular local spot, EnduranceWERX. There are many indoor cycling studios in the city to choose from. How is a smart trainer workout different from your typical spin class? You bring your own bike (newer systems are compatible with thru axle mountain bikes even). Your workout is tailored to your individual threshold numbers. So, while everyone is doing the same workout, you're still getting the right intensity for your current fitness level. And, the smart trainers are programmed so that you have to churn out the power dictated by the workout program - no cheating!

Also, it's much harder to flake on an early morning date with your teammates cracking the whip...

Don't have access to an indoor training studio? Here are some other ways to motivate with positive peer pressure when the weather isn't cooperating:

  1. Start a Slack Channel, Strava Club or FB Group with your friends devoted to motivating each other
  2. Invite a friend over for an indoor roller/trainer party
  3. Join a Zwift race or group ride
  4. Take silly (awesome) selfies and host a trainer selfie contest! Caroline and Corey both won some great GIR prizes with their impressive #citymstrainerselfie entries

Get creative and do what motivates you. Here's to looking ahead to warmer months to come...