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Mud, Snow, More Mud at Supercross Cup 2018

If you are an East Coast bike racer and you went on social media this weekend chances are you noticed a common theme: mud, mud, and more mud. All of it courtesy of New York City’s ‘local’ UCI cyclocross race: Supercross Cup. As we wrote about in our weekend preview, Supercross has a well deserved reputation volatile late season weather. In that sense this year’s race is by no means the first Supercross to feature a bit of mud.

Photo by Angelica Dixon (via Facebook)

Photo by Angelica Dixon (via Facebook)

But even by the race’s own standards this weekend was a truly epic affair with near freezing temperatures, and deep, all encompassing mud that destroyed brakes and left much of the course unrideable while sending riders onto the ground in any number of tricky course features. It was muddy and messy enough that it may take us a few days to decompress from the race before writing more comprehensively about the race but in the meantime we have a collection of photographs from Angelica Dixon and of course the Dirtwire micro-highlights to tide us over. Stay tuned for more.

Photo by Angelica Dixon (via Facebook)

Photographs by TBD’s Johnny Buenaventura