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Bad Ideas and Mudfest 2K18: Another Supercross Gallery

Only through great suffering can we supply you with the photographs below. Over Supercross Cup weekend in mid-November, the non-CX contingent of TBD decided we'd ride up to Rockland County to support our teammates in the race. We actually had plans to make it even more epic: mid-week, before the snow started falling in Rockland County, Clay dutifully volunteered himself as a guinea pig to test whether you could (quasi) successfully ride from Brooklyn to Supercross, race, and then ride back to Brooklyn. As the brutal weekend forecast emerged we all started hedging our bets. Though we still headed out on Sunday morning planning to ride to the race. I think we made it just past the GWB when someone shouted through the cold, "This ride was a bad idea." It sure was. The temperature was 35F in New York and colder still at Rockland. Further, the trip to the race was a cool 50 miles for folks from Brooklyn, and considering most of us were hitting the peak of our off-season — i.e. our lowest fitness — this meant most of us would hit the bonk zone before the halfway point of the ride.

Nevertheless, we persevered so that we could bring you yet another gallery of photographs from Supercross. Luckily, the conditions were epic enough that the photos were worth it. Also, it turned out that enough New Yorkers were at the race that most of us were able to snag a ride home instead of braving a chilly and dark 9W back to the city. Who had it worst—the Supercross racers or us ill-begotten supporters? You decide.

Supercross Cup - Day Two - Category Three