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Ryan's Von Hof ACX

I love it when my friends put together a bike where everything is just right.

Ryan’s Von Hof is one of those bikes, and as a result has become a do-everything setup for him. He raced a full season on it, taking an awesome win at Nittany (over Cullen, sad) and posting impressive results in 3 and 2/3 fields – but the bike has also seen action at gravel races in West Virginia and long training/adventure rides with 32c slicks.

Ryan loves the old-school Euro’ cross geometry, paired with modern steel construction. I love that he picked a set of components that fits a Made-in-the-US ethos: Chris King T47 BB (give me threads or give me death); White Industries tapered headset; matchey Cadence/Ritchey stem/bar set; Thomson post and collar; Hifi tubeless disc wheels; SRAM Force1 with a 44rn narrow-wide chainring.

Nice work, Ryan!