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To Be Determined is a journal of cycling, adventure and photography, curated by a NYC-based cycling team known as TBD Racing or Team TBD. From criteriums to cyclocross to product reviews and travel diaries, it is all part of the TBD Journal.

Four Days in Paris

Our Destinations Journal entries are typically accompanied by long essays on everything from our favorite restaurants and cultural sites in Girona, to the riding (and public infrastructure) in Colombia, and the warmth of the people of Guatemala. But similar to our visit to Cuba last year, when it comes to a destination like Paris my words fail me.

From the unending list of amazing restaurants to lounging at Paris Plages day and night there are just too many beautiful aspects of Paris history and culture and lifestyle to justify even attempting to summarize a visit in any sort of concise many. Instead we'll leave you with this extended photo gallery from a few days spent eating too much, drinking too much, and living as much as possible in perhaps the greatest city in the world.

And one brief tidbit of advice: rent Velib e-bikes and take advantage of the ongoing cycling infrastructure improvements in Paris. We spent hours each day on Velib e-bikes (despite Lisa's broken wrist) and they absolutely changed the way we experienced the city. If only New York was half as progressive as Paris when it come to cycling...