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"Le Week-End Prolongé (n) : Add an extra day (or two), breathing room to find riding space somewhere special. Or simply somewhere simple. Get up, kit on, ride out kind of trips. Cycling for the soul."

New York City may not seem like the easiest place for a cyclist to call home, with its grueling winters and smog-filled summers, questionable transit policy, and plenty of garbage miles to escape the city. But within a few hours drive there are plenty of adventures to choose from, including favorites ranging from the Hamptons all the way out east, to the single track at Six Mile Run to the west in NJ. Earlier this summer, when good friend, master route maker and brilliant photographer, Donalrey, invited me on a weekend getaway for a project he was working on, I was delighted to accept, and convinced Stephanie (newest member of CityMD and recent Seattle transplant) and Ted of TBD to come with. We embarked on an adventure in a different direction, riding north of the city to the Catskills region in Bovina, NY.

To read the full story of the weekend that featured plenty of "groads", great food, a near-miss with a ferocious beast, and less than ideal weather, but plenty of lasting good memories, head over to Café du Cycliste, LaGazette: Café du Catskills. One of our favorite lines from the piece:

They all agree, however, that the best thing about NYC riding is the community. No matter what type of cyclist you are, you will find your tribe. And the truth is, these days, people often float between the packs – one day urban masher, next day crit racer and, increasingly, wayward weekend adventurer.

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