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Airshot Air Canister Review: A Possible Business Expense?

With cyclocross season upon us I found myself with four tubeless wheels in need of new rubber and no access or room for an air compressor. After an exorbitant amount of time combing the internet I found myself with two options, purchase a new bike pump with a built-in chamber for setting tubeless tires such as the Joe Blow Booster or the Lezyne Pressure Overdrive, or purchase a rechargeable air canister that can be re-filled using a standard floor pump. Already having 3 floor pumps, I opted for the latter.

While there are several options for re-fillable canisters on the market, I opted for the Airshot 1.5L air canister. I was drawn to the Airshot Canister because of its comforting blue color and it reminded of the old propane tank that my dad had converted into an air tank for filling his go-kart tires. Nostalgia aside, the Airshot seemed to be an effective, space conscious, low(er) price solution for setting tubeless tires.

Airshot Air Canister Review: in Use

Using the Airshot is pretty straight forward, just attach your floor pump to the presta valve on the top, pump it up to 130psi, attach the hose to your wheel and let it rip. For the four wheels that I set up I never needed to use the canister more than once. It was surprisingly effective and relatively easy to use. The biggest gripe I have with the Airshot canister is that it can be clumsy to use. The canister is light and the hose is short (out of engineering necessity) and when working quickly to set tires, it is easily knocked over.

I have discovered off-label uses for this canister. Because of its portability, it’s a highly effective and green (no CFCs) solution for blowing out computer keyboards. Does this make it a qualified business expense?

Airshot Air Canister Review: Conclusions

Overall, I like it. It’s not a true replacement for the ease of an air compressor, but it’s portable, effective and it has kept me from having to acquire another floor pump which is especially beneficial when you live in a New York City apartment. As a result the Airshot Air Canister has officially gained a spot on my CX race day packing list.

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