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Bear Mountain, without the racing


The 2019 edition of one of New York City’s last road races, the Bear Mountain Classic, has officially come and gone.

As we recapped on the TBD Journal, it was a successful day of racing even if the financials for the race and CRCA’s ability to properly staff it were more challenged than ever. However, outside of the actual race, spending the day at the event also reminded us just how lucky we are to have a natural resource like Harriman State Park just an hour from New York City.

In fact, in recent years we have spent many fall days exploring the back roads and hidden trails that crisscross the park better known as Bear Mountain. One such adventure, circa 2016 or 2017, was lost as we transitioned hosting services for the Journal. But with the Bear Mountain Classic bringing those memories back to the forefront we’re reviving that post as a new photo gallery focused on the beauty of Harriman State Park.

Photo Rhetoric - Fall Foliage-1024.jpg
Photo Rhetoric - Fall Foliage-1044.jpg