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Cullen's TBD x Moots Vamoots Disc RSL

The gear — the parts, tools, bits — is one of my favorite parts of being into bike racing. Reading about and then trying out different weird, odd, but good equipment makes my love for this wacky sport only grow stronger. Once the conversation with Moots started looking positive, my heart raced with excitement about getting to build up a forever bike.

After three months on my Moots Vamoots Disc RSL, I can safely say its one of the best feeling and fastest bikes I’ve ever ridden. On a typical morning in Brooklyn’s Prospect park, after a typical workout provided by our Cyclesmart coach Jacob Fetty, I stopped to take some photos of this very special bike. Sure, theres some dirt on it, but thats what a bike looks like after riding it around this city. And besides, almost any bike can look good clean, but can we pause for a minute to reflect on how good these titanium tubes look even with a morning’s worth of road grime?

Back at my apartment, I hosed off the bike for some more glamour shots making sure to reattach my saddle bag (as a reminder, riding without a saddle bag makes you a Fred, the rules are wrong).

The bike is the best of the hyper modern — the geometry, the 3D printed dropouts, infinite options for all the electronics and hydraulic group sets. But also, the best of the old world — made of metal, round tubes, threaded bottom bracket (!!). It’s a bike that is easy to repair but looks at home in a peloton full of carbon space ships.

Build Details:

  • Shimano Ultegra DI2

  • TRP HY/RD Brakes

  • Enve 4.5 AR wheels with Chris King hubs

  • PRO Vibe bars and stem

  • PRO Bottle Cages

  • PRO Stealth Saddle

  • Chris King headset and BB

  • Schwalbe Pro One in 28mm (I do not recommend them)

  • Abolish ICE water bottle