Matthew Vandivort

TBD Roster: Matthew Vandivort

Journal Entries

Matthew Vandivort


Saint Louis, Missouri

First Year Racing


First Year Racing in NYC


Rider Type

Crit boi and leadout man.

Favorite Event

Intelligentsia Cup because it is the closest we amateurs get to come to playing professional bike racer for a week.

Favorite Ride

A pristine day spent wandering through the Dolomites. We may have lost a wallet and with it all of our cash/credit cards but it was still an incredible day on the bike.

2019 Events

Heading back to the mud of Rasputitsa, possibly another week of crit racing at Intelligentsia Cup.

Drinks of Choice

  • Mid-ride: anything with caffeine. Anything.

  • Post-ride: anything that goes with bagels.