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To Be Determined is fortunate to partner with some of the finest companies in and outside the cycling industry to bring you the To Be Determined journal of cycling, adventure and photography. 

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At its core, Garneau encourages healthy, happy lives and seeks to inspire people to achieve their personal goals whatever those may be. Our products are designed to ensure fit, durability, performance, and comfort across the production techniques, choice of materials, and special features.

Across our line, you'll find items that can span your use as a rider, whether you are a roadie, mountain biker, cross racer, Fat Biker, spinning enthusiast, triathlete or a mix of everything (like so many of us are). While products are so often pigeon-holed, we know that you, the rider, aren't a one-note type of athlete. In honor of this, we seek to give you cycling products that have cross-functionality and multi-use applications. This is how we ride and we know that you do too!

Our slogan, “Live Your Dream.”, showcases our commitment to accompanying the rider in his or her pursuit of these goals, no matter the size.

August Public Inc

All around us are missions with the potential to change our world for the better. Some are incremental and are struggling to survive the next status meeting. Some are massive and require the coordinated resources of global institutions. Some will fix our biggest problems. Some will invent our future.

Success in these missions depends on organizations capable of learning and adapting fast enough to realize their purpose – with structures, processes, and tools that help them sense and respond to the shifting world around them. 

August is a boutique management consultancy designed to help large-scale, enterprise organizations meet this challenge.

Snyder & Snyder

Snyder & Snyder, LLP was founded in 1990. The firm's focus is on both land use and development. The firm concentrates on securing federal, state and local permits and approvals required to construct telecommunications, environmental, and energy-related projects. Our clients include leaders in the fields of energy, big-box retailing, national defense, education, waste management, and wireless communications. The firm handles all aspects of project development including commercial leasing and title review, contracts for site acquisition, negotiation of construction agreements and environmental impact review. We have guided the development of numerous personal wireless service facilities (including towers, macro-sites, small cells and distributed antenna systems), fiber optic networks, communications switches, waste-to-energy facilities, electric substations, natural gas pipeline extensions, motor vehicle fueling stations and public safety radio networks.

The Rover

Cycling is your passion and you know that keeping your bike in perfect working order is more than luxury, it's a necessity. Our goal at The Rover is to offer professional-level bike servicing on your schedule. Whether you’re working grueling hours, or just can't get your hands dirty, we're here for you. You make an appointment. We pick up your bike. Our highly-skilled mechanics service it. We drop it off. Your passion. Your schedule. Our pro-level servicing.


Everything at ACME starts with a bicycle fitting. A bicycle fitting is an optimization of your cycling position to best match your goals, flexibility, strengths and weaknesses. ACME uses a procedure which has been refined over 10+ years of experience, but there is no prescription for fit based on limb lengths, static measurements, rules of thumb or anything of the sort.