DirtwireTV's Noho CX Post-Event Check In with Adam Myerson

We're back in NYC nursing sore bodies and a few bruises earned during a fabulous weekend of racing in Northampton. Head over to our Top 10 List for a complete recap of all of the action and definitely put this race on your to attend list for 2018. 

But while you're at it, also check out DirtWireTV's post event interview with race promoter and Elite racer Adam Myerson. Adam is a friend of the team so we're always eager for his race recaps but this one was particularly interesting as TBD has a long history of involvement in hosting races in the NYC area. From the basics of podium setup to the state of registration trends, portions of this interview hit close to home:

If you have a few minutes head over to DirtWireTV's Youtube Channel to check out a plethora of other Noho CX coverage subscribe to the YouTube Channel! 

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