About To Be Determined

About To Be Determined, including the roster of racers and creators that make up Team TBD, and the To Be Determined Journal, an online journal of stories, reviews and essays.

About To Be Determined

To Be Determined Journal

There are two parts to To Be Determined. The most prominent is the To Be Determined Journal, an online repository of hundreds of stories that capture the joy and adventure that is possible to two wheels. Journal entries span everything from analysis on the state of the sport of cycling, to travel diaries that traverse the globe, training advice, and a plethora of reviews. Over time we hope that the TBD Journal encourages readers, be they experienced racers, former riders that haven’t been on a bike in years or riders that are new to the sport as a whole, to get out on two wheels in pursuit of adventure. Importantly, we also hope to articulate an inclusive message for the sport as we strive to improve diversity and openness in the cycling community.


Team To Be Determined

To Be Determined is also a collective of NYC-based racers and adventurers, known as Team To Be Determined or Team TBD. Team TBD is currently comprised of more than twenty riders, several of whom hold key leadership roles in the local cycling community. The team competes across disciplines and geographies, from East Coast gravel grinders to Midwest crits, New England cyclocross and everything in between. Team To Be Determined is supported by several longstanding partners and has been a presence in the cycling community since 2012. For more on the team’s history as racers in New York City read our Origin Story.


The Meaning of ‘To Be Determined’

Our identity as To Be Determined started as little more than a placeholder when our collection of friends and racers, many with a decade plus in the NYC cycling community, decided to plot a new course for our team, stepping back from the title sponsor model to forge an identity with more permanence. As we pondered the ethos of our team we realized that ‘To Be Determined’ wasn’t just a placeholder - it is the perfect articulation of why we ride bikes:

Determination - Be it on the final lap of an action packed crit, on those brutally cold and gray January training days that are part and parcel with racing bicycles in New York City, or while just trying to get to a campsite before the sun sets on a bikepacking expedition, To Be Determined is the expression of determination on two wheels.

Uncertainty - Somewhere along the way heart rate monitors, power meters, TSS and Zwift have become core to modern day cycling. We think it's time to reintroduce the unknown back into the sport. To return to cycling as an adventure, where the best rides are full of surprise and the destination is unknown. To Be Determined embodies the idea that when you swing your leg over the bike, where you go or how hard you pedal should be just that — To Be Determined.

For more on how To Be Determined came to be and our history as racers in New York City as part of the Century Road Club Association (CRCA) read our Origin Story.


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