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CRCA Finale


And just like that, the season that began on a freezing day on March 1st - with snow still on the ground - comes to a conclusion with another morning spent riding in circles around Central Park at the crack of dawn. It may not be the most exciting terrain, but we're thankful for the opportunity to pin on a number and race in the middle of this great city. Kudos to CRCA for another great year. See you in 2015.

Photo Rhetoric - CRCA finale-6000 Photo Rhetoric - CRCA finale-6001 Photo Rhetoric - CRCA finale-6002 Photo Rhetoric - CRCA finale-6003 Photo Rhetoric - CRCA finale-6004 Photo Rhetoric - CRCA finale-6005 Photo Rhetoric - CRCA finale-6006 Photo Rhetoric - CRCA finale-6007 Photo Rhetoric - CRCA finale-6008 Photo Rhetoric - CRCA finale-6009

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