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Tour of the Litchfield Hills Ride Report


On Sunday April 3, Team Sixcycle-RK&O returned to the Tour of the Litchfield Hills for the third consecutive year. Despite the threatening clouds and predicted rain, the atmosphere at the start was one of hope and celebration. The Team once again raised over $8,400 for the Center for Cancer Care Fund of the Litchfield Hills, putting our three year tally at nearly $25,000 and, in doing so, won the Mayor’s Cup for most funds raised by a team for the 3rd time in as many years. Thank you to all who donated and the community members who joined the team for the day and participated in the 75, 55, and 30 mile rides!

Tour of the Litchfield Hills Ride Report from Charlie Bird

We were a little late getting ready for the ride and started at the back this year. As we worked our way through the field of both the 55 mile and 75 mile rides it was incredible to see the number of riders on the road. The past two years we have lead the ride off the line, so I was unable to gain appreciation for the size of the event. The ride remained relatively calm until the first rest stop after which “spirited” became the word of the day. We all took turns flexing our muscles when we felt good and hanging on for survival (or chasing back on) when we felt bad. A pretty standard charity ride for this crew.

Upon finishing we were formally notified we had won the Mayor’s Cup and I was honored to go on stage with 18 team members including 8 members of the cycling community who joined our team for the ride. I couldn't think of much to say on stage, so instead I issued a challenge. While it’s a great honor to win the Mayor’s Cup, it would be even better if we raised our money and someone showed up with even more. After all, this day is one of the few throughout the year that isn’t about winning or losing. It’s purely about the event and the cause. Who wants to beat us?

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