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Girona Adventure Training


It started out as a whim

With a looming job transition and a frequent flyer account overflowing with miles, this trip actually started as a seemingly random list of potential destinations – four of them to be precise, on four different continents. We quickly eliminated the mundane West Coast option, while Japan later fell off the list due to weather concerns, leaving Argentina and Girona.

Ultimately, just 8 days before our planned departure we settled on the latter. While the last minute nature of the entire voyage led to some hectic planning, ultimately it was a choice that we would not regret.

Coffee shop confirmation

Following an overnight flight to Barcelona and a high speed train north, we arrived in Girona in the late morning, lacking sleep and seeking caffeine. Posting up at an outdoor cafe with a healthy dose of espresso and pan con tomate we watched as three different World Tour pros rolled by – good confirmation that we were in the right place for some memorable miles on the bike.

After some quick bike builds, and still sorely lacking sleep, we hit the Els Angels loop – a 40ish mile loop with great climbing on empty mountain roads and incredible views, all just minutes from ancient Girona. It was astonishing to discover such unbelievable riding so close to the historic city center.

Eat and Ride, Ride and Eat

Over the next five days we partook in what was undoubtedly the best riding we have ever experienced (thanks in part to support from Bike Breaks Girona), interspaced with incredible Spanish food and drink.

It was an intoxicating combination as we traversed roads in every direction – from the southwest to sea, to the north to climb Rocacorba and west to Saint Hilari, among others. Running into Ted King was another memorable highlight from the trip.

In the end the combination of Girona’s cuisine, culture and of course riding places this incredible locale near the top of our list of destinations to return to.

The Final Portfolio

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