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Donuts & Oktoberfest


Following nine plus months of near continuous racing and training - across destinations from Spain to Saint Louis - the offseason presents a welcome opportunity to relax and set a different tone for our rides - whether its hitting beachside singletrack or enjoying a cliff top ice cream sandwich. This past Sunday was no different as we set out from the city with no specific destination in mind - shedding riders on shorter time deadlines along the way, eventually working our way down to just two riders plodding along DeForest Lake.

Eventually we worked our way to the Orchards for a refueling stop - downing a pack of cider donuts and a personal sized pumpkin pie before continuing north to Bear Mountain State Park for a quick stop at Lake Welch beach and a trip up one of our favorite climbs in the region - Tiorati Brook Road.

At this stage we decided to aim for the Westwood Cross race being held nearby, but we were ultimately foiled when we realized the only access to the venue was via the Pallisades Parkway (or via hiking trails?). Or at least whats that a cop we ran into told us. So we decided to do the next best thing and head for Oktoberfest for a stein or two full of beer.

We spent the next hour or two drinking cold beverages and telling stories, before finally heading home with a bit of a buzz, tired legs and a touch of sunburn. Which equates to pretty much a perfect day on the bike.

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Photographs by Photo Rhetoric

Photo Rhetoric