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A Dog's Perspective of Cyclocross

The KMC Cyclocross race in Providence is without a doubt one of our favorite race weekends - the venue, the top tier competition in the elite races and of course plenty of lobster on the drive there and back.

Last year Photo Rhetoric put together a short film at the races. This year we handed the camera off to our official team mascot - Winnie the Bulldog. This is the result. Expect more #bullycam videos as the cross season continues...

Video by Photo Rhetoric: http://photorhetoric.com/
Photographs by Laura S Wilson: http://www.lauraswilson.com/

Photo Rhetoric - Providence-1006
Photo Rhetoric - Providence-1007
Photo Rhetoric - Providence-1008
Photo Rhetoric - Providence-1009
Photo Rhetoric - Providence-1010
Photo Rhetoric - Providence-1011
Photo Rhetoric - Providence-1014
Photo Rhetoric - Providence-1015